As the real-estate industry evolves, the duties of the agent are also rapidly changing. Payam Ali leads the way as one of the new generation of Real Estate Professionals who truly understands his role as an agent. Providing clients with exceptional service and his commitment to the job is what separates him from other agents. Honesty and integrity are what built his reputation in the real estate industry.

As your realtor, you can always expect Payam to be by your side, step by step through the process. Whether you are buying, or selling, he will put all his effort to promote your best interests. He understands real estate transactions can be very stressful, but as a full-time realtor he will work his hardest to alleviate as much stress as he can. He will accomplish this by constant communication and transparent business methodology. If you are selling, you will have his full attention. Payam works diligently to meet your needs in any market. If you are buying, he will give you a complete breakdown of what you can expect in the market and your area, and will aord you the best price with his experience and background in negotiations.

Having completed over 100 million dollars in real estate transactions since the start of his career in 2013, he brings to the table his experience and market knowledge. What sparked his interest in the real estate industry was when Payam started buying and renovating homes for himself in the Vancouver real estate market. Working and owning businesses in the trade industry as a plumber, Payam has developed extensive knowledge in working on homes throughout the entire building process. With his knowledge in evaluating and inspecting homes, he is able to help his buyers make informed decisions. And his knack for marketing helped him sell properties for the highest of their potential. His passion for sales and prior knowledge in the trade industry has allowed him to have great success in the real estate industry and continues to serve his clients to the best of his abilities.